The British expelled ancestors of Louisiana's present-day Cajuns from Acadie (today's Nova Scotia)
in a series of forced transportations between 1755 and 1763.  The Acadians were a peaceful, pastoral people
who wished to remain politically neutral. Therefore, they refused to swear allegiance to either the King of England or of France.
They went passively into exile, but have kept their language and customs intact into the 21st century. 

Joseph Broussard (1702-1765), known as Beau Soleil, was one of the few Acadians who dared to fight back against the forced expulsion.
He led assaults on the British until captured in 1765 and sent to Louisiana where he died.  He is fondly remembered in Cajun folklore.
 Our Borzoi girl Golightly Beau Soleil Lagniappe (Beautiful Sun) is named in his honor.

Golightly Beau Soleil Lagniappe
Kyrov's Intensity ex DC Golightly Glacis Lereau SC
Breeders: Marcella & Philip Zobel


Beau Soleil - 6 months old
Born Nov. 11, 2007


Still Dressed From First Show
May 2008


First Point at Six Months Old
Calcasieu Kennel Club, June 08
Judge Mrs. Judy Doniere